In Dale's Own Words

I started painting at an early age as my mother would set up still lifes on the dining room table.Dale & Aladdin She and I would paint the setup and even at that very early age (I was around 9 or 10) I noticed a definite style of my own. I still paint with oils and love the way that they move and blend. My favorite subjects are scenes from nature or figures with dramatic lighting or soft lighting that moves my soul.

I now realize that light plus light and color as it reflects on water are the subjects that stir me to capture that impression in paint and to share with whomever is able to view my paintings. I recently returned from a magical trip to Venice and again fell in love with the water, canals, colors and light. Please check back and I will have my wonderful web person post my new paintings.

I love to wander through the many art galleries in and around Washington, D.C. and study the way that the masters used their tools and used color. Color to me is a field all by itself and the more that I learn the more that I see that I do not know. Isn't it grand that in art there is always more to learn and expand and express?


Ollie Atkins When Dale was growing up in Northern Virginia, Fairfax was a rural farming community with a few commuters into Washington. Dale lived on a small farm where there were many animals including her beloved horses.

Nixon and Elvis

Her father, Ollie Atkins, worked for the Saturday Evening Post as a news photographer and covered the DC and Whitehouse scene and traveled to chronicle trouble spots around the world. Later, Ollie worked as the official White House Photographer during the Nixon administration.

Ollie also assisted Norman Rockwell when he was painting famous figures that could not pose for long hours and they became friends. Norman Rockwell also worked for the Post and painted many of their covers.

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